Small Business Tax Advice: Do Small Businesses Need Accountants?

If you’re currently thinking of starting up a small business, you probably won’t immediately see the need for an accountant.

After all, the ultimate success of any business venture surely depends on you, not on an accountant. However whilst that is undoubtedly true, the help and expert advice of an accountant can be invaluable, particularly if you’re just starting out or are a relative business novice. Every successful start-up business needs a go-to person they can turn to for help and advice: someone with experience who can help budding entrepreneurs face all the challenges of building, developing and growing a business.

So what sort of help and advice can Steven Glicher accountants offer to start-up businesses?

Steven Glicher offers a range of core business start-up services. We’re here to help you build your business and turn it into the success it deserves to be. However, successful businesses are not built over night. The key to success is planning. Every aspect of the business model needs to be carefully and critically examined. That’s where our small business experts can help you.

Business services

We offer advice on the areas of tax planning we feel are likely to be of most importance to you from the start.

  • Business structure:

We will advise on what we believe will be best for your business in the longer term. Should you be a sole trader, a Partnership, a Limited Company or even a Limited Liability Partnership? We will explain what options are available to you and recommend the solution we feel is most appropriate.

When the time comes to expand and develop the business, our advisors will identify the type of funding you need, find the most suitable sources of finance, and calculate the cash-flow projections, budgets, and trading forecasts.

As qualified accountants we are in the best possible position to show you how to keep your books in order, either manually or on a computer. We can also advise and train you on suitable accounting software.

Our experts will take an in-depth look at your business and discuss its potential with you. Together we will work out a plan of action and set future goals, and draw up a structured plan so that your business will be able to overcome all of the challenges it will inevitably face during the first years of trading.

  • Notifying the authorities:

It’s vitally important that you let HMRC know within 3 months of commencing self-employment that you are in business. Failure to do so can result in automatic fines. We will help to complete all the necessary forms, set you your national insurance payments and if necessary complete any VAT Registration forms for you.

  • Introductions:

We are not just accountants: we are also mentors, and aim to guide our clients through those difficult early years of trading. As part of our mentoring role, we can introduce you to local banks, solicitors and other professionals who may be able to assist you in the coming years.

  • Company Formation:

We can set up your Limited Company should you choose to trade through one.

We can give small businesses helpful advice on the advantages and disadvantages of VAT, and take care of any issues you may encounter

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