Good bookkeeping is a crucial element in the upkeep of any business, as maintaining an accurate record of financial deposits and outgoings in a business and keeping on top of things on a regular basis makes financial forecasting and end of year finalisation much clearer, simpler tasks. Many businesses do bookkeeping work themselves, but often it is sensible and much more beneficial for us do it for you, allowing you to get on with the important job of running and growing your business whilst we take care of the all-important yet time consuming day-to-day bookkeeping necessities.

Enjoy peace of mind and ongoing support with your bookkeeping

Whichever of our services you choose, and no matter how much of your accounts you hand over to us, with Steven Glicher you receive our full support and the benefit of our experience and expertise. Over the past 23 years we have helped businesses of all shapes and sizes keep on top of their finances – whilst offering the expert advice and assistance other accountants charge inordinate additional amounts for.

Know that your books are taken care of in the best possible way

Bookkeeping can be a minefield – and to learn it yourself, you need time, patience and a lot of books or online resources. Even if bookkeeping comes naturally to you, as your business inevitably grows, it’s likely you’ll find less time to dedicate to reconciling your finances. Whether you’re just starting out or have come to the point where you need to hand your books over to someone else, let us take the stress and strain away from you and offer you peace of mind and reassurance knowing that everything is being taken care of in the best possible way.

Be fully prepared for year end

One problem which often arises from business owners taking care of their own books is room for error. Lost documents, disorganisation and missing portions of crucial information all add time and hassle to year end accountancy which could easily be avoided through professional bookkeeping, preferably executed by the firm who take care of your accounts. Although bookkeeping isn’t always something accountants specialise in (some even refuse to), we believe it’s a valuable and necessary part of what we do.

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