Cloud Accounting

Smart software, Cloud accounting and online-based systems have revolutionised the way we live our lives and run our businesses – dominating every facet of everyday life and rapidly replacing paper databases with slick, simple to use interfaces. Yet the recent influx of helpful new technology can be overwhelming for business owners who are used to doing things the ‘old-fashioned’ way – and a switchover can prove terrifying for some.

Cloud Accounting made simple

At Steven Glicher, we can help you make the necessary transition seamlessly and stress-free to online cloud accounting. Despite appearing complicated on the outset, there are a whole host of benefits attached to shifting your accounts online. Ahead of the game and always up to date with the latest developments in accountancy practice and intelligent software packages, we have extensive experience in this area, enabling us to move your accounts over to cloud accounting swiftly and smoothly.

We can set you up in the cloud so that you can access and maintain your records on the go, easily keep a track of all transactions and simplify your bookkeeping by taking a photo of a receipt on your phone and downloading it into the software. All you need is an internet connection – it’s that simple.

Cutting-edge technology without the confusing terminology

We like to speak plain English when it comes to accountancy here at Steven Glicher – and this policy extends to the more technical aspect of the services we provide. We don’t believe in bombarding you with alienating jargon or imposing a system on you which you don’t know how to use – instead, we’re there at every step of the way to assist and guide you through the transitional process to cloud accounting, offering continuous support where required.

Simplify your bookkeeping process and stay on top of your accounts

Gone are the days of files and folders filled with crumpled scraps of paper. We use Quickbooks software, which via a smartphone or tablet app easily enables you to take a photo of your receipt as and when you make a payment and submit it to the system, where it is uploaded and processed into your accounts package.

Always ahead of the game

Things change quickly in the world of accountancy, finance and technology – and we don’t want any of our clients to be left behind. Professional development is important for us – as is keeping abreast of any game-changing developments in the technology world which could make a difference to you and your business. We regularly review your package and advise you when there may be a useful update or new system which could be of more benefit to you.