Company Formations

Setting up a new limited company? In need of fast paperwork completion? We can set up a limited company for you within one working day so you can get started quickly and correctly. We complement this service with helpful nuggets of insider knowledge – for example, if you open a bank account with Barclays, then you can get £40 cash back. Keep reading to find out a little more about how we can help you as you set up a new limited company.

Get your company started off on the right foot – fast

We know that once the concept and foundations of a fledgling company are there, or if you are at the stage at which your company has become large enough to make the switch, time is of the essence and a quick transition or set up is key. We specialise in setting up limited companies in just one day, provided we have the necessary information. This means you can get started straight away knowing that everything has been taken care of in the best possible way – no costly mistakes, no wasted time, no hassle.

Peace of mind and security

The proper set up of your company is crucial – because if it isn’t done accurately from the get go, issues will grow and become troublesome further down the line. Ensuring that your company is set up correctly and all accounts are in place at the very beginning gives you peace of mind and the space to grow without having to worry about restrictions or complications occurring at a later date.

Give your business the space it needs to grow and develop

Malleability and flexibility are key with any growing business – so finding that things haven’t been implemented properly from the very beginning could hamper your growth at a later stage and result in costly reconciliation or remediation work needing to be carried out. Setting up as a limited company in the best possible way ensures that your business has the space it needs to grow and develop – without the spectre of future issues looming.