Self-Assessment Tax Returns

Completing a self-assessment tax returns can be an arduous and lengthy process – and whatever you submit to HMRC has to be one hundred percent accurate. Tired business owners often sit down to do their tax returns in the small hours, using the only time they have outside of running their business to cobble together their personal accounts. This often inevtiably leads to mistakes – which could mean more stress and a further headache down the line.

We realise the value of a service which takes the weight of a self-assessment tax returns away – and as such we can prepare, complete and submit your self-assessment return for on your behalf. You can even sign it electronically so that there is no paper involved at all.

We can guarantee submitting your return by the due date as long we receive your information with enough time to spare, which means that you have no need to worry about late payment penalties.

Take the stress out of self-assessment tax returns

If you have ever filled out a self-assessment return, you’ll know how stressful it can be. The hassle involved running through endless forms can often leave you depleted of energy, not to mention time, by the end of it. Let us take the hassle on for you so that you can spend your energy concentrating on what matters most – running your business.

Obtain full peace of mind and eliminate the risk of costly tax investigations

Prosecution and hefty fines are very real risks when it comes to filling out tax returns honestly, accurately and competently. A situation which most people only find themselves in once a year, it’s easy to forget what to do or misunderstand certain sections and elements which can lead to discrepancies and errors. Few business owners receive training on how to complete a tax return – so mistakes are incredibly likely and could potentially be very costly for you and your business. Handing over your tax returns to us eliminates the risk of stressful investigations and resulting charges or penalties.

Save time and money

If you were to complete your self-assessment independently, how much time would you need? Consider the impact on your business and your personal hourly rate, and you can soon see how the costs of completing self-assessment alone can add up. Time is money – a precious resource. Employing qualified, expert accountants is incredibly cost-effective, as it preserves your time and consequently saves you money in the process.