VAT Returns

Compliance with VAT is becoming ever more complex. In recent years, HMRC has increased the level of intensity of their investigations – which makes it all the more important that VAT returns are completed correctly. We specialise in completing VAT returns and always ensure that they are submitted in good time to ensure you avoid any penalties.

A comprehensive, holistic approach to VAT returns

When calculating your VAT return, we take into account everything we already know about you and your business in line with our up-to-the-minute knowledge of current regulations and specifications. We can take care of your return for you in every event – whether you currently use our services or not. If not, we are always more than happy to take your books and complete the returns from there.

Exclusivity without discrimination

Here at Steven Glicher and Co, we pride ourselves on offering a high quality service with top level expertise – but we don’t just offer these facilities to large businesses with huge accounts and lots of money to spend. We specialise in taking care of VAT returns for a range of businesses – all occupying different industries and of varying sizes.

VAT Training

We consistently share our knowledge with our clients and our door is always open – with a free advice line enabling clients to call us anytime with a finance-related query or issue. Part of this is offering targeted training to enable businesses to take care of their VAT returns themselves – or at least to impart the knowledge needed to appreciate and understand how VAT returns are calculated and completed. For many business owners this gives back a sense of control and understanding and is beneficial even in the event that they still pass their VAT returns to us for completion.