RTI Penalties.

Last month we warned you about the penalties coming into effect for late filed RTI reports.

Real Time Information (RTI) Interest.

In the past some employers would play the PAYE system, holding on to the PAYE deductions until the last payment date of the year, and then paying the balance due before interest was charged.

Real Time Information (RTI) Penalties.

HMRC has experienced significant problems in reconciling amounts of PAYE due from employers, to the amounts reported under real time information (RTI).…

New RTI Relief.

Have you been struggling to send full payment summary (FPS) reports under RTI to HMRC on or before the days on which your employees are paid?…

RTI Penalties Around The Corner.

This tax year (2013/14) is the first year in which the majority of employers have submitted their PAYE data using real time information (RTI).

New RTI Messages.

Real time information (RTI) is all about one-way communications with HMRC.