HMRC to offer faster tax refund services if you register for a digital Personal Tax Account

One of the major frustrations shared by taxpayers is the difficulty of claiming tax refunds when they’ve overpaid tax. Reclaiming money you are entitled to could only previously be achieved by either writing to HM Revenues & Customs, or by phoning the tax authority directly. Anyone who has tried to do this in the past will know how difficult and time-consuming that process can be: even accountants encounter the same sort of problems.

Well, Steven Glicher accountants can bring you some good news on that front: from now on UK taxpayers will be able to receive tax refunds direct from HMRC into their chosen bank account within 3 to 5 working days. So, no more trips to the bank to pay in cheques; and no more lengthy phone calls. What’s the catch you probably wonder? Well, the simple answer to that is none. The only thing you will have to do to take advantage of this and other useful services is to register for a digital Personal Tax Account.

Why is HM Revenues & Customs offering this service? Well, it’s all about giving back control and offering convenience to taxpayers according to HMRC. Ruth Owen, director general of customer service, HMRC, believes the new service offers real convenience for taxpayers:

“This new service puts customers in control of their tax affairs, allowing them to claim any money owing to them immediately. They can claim at a time that suits them, from a device of their choice, securely, and without needing to wait for a cheque in the post.”

“Now customers will have access to funds cleared in their account within 3-5 days rather than the two weeks it would typically take for a cheque to be issued, banked and cleared.”

What other services are available if you register for a digital Personal Tax Account? Well, there are a number: 34 to be precise, though not all of these services will necessarily be that useful to everyone. All of these new services will, however, do away with the need to write to or call HMRC, and that is their true advantage. The main digital Personal Tax services that taxpayers probably will find useful are:

  • Viewing and updating personal details
  • Checking the correctness of tax calculations
  • Viewing the progress of forms sent to HMRC
  • Checking on expected state pension levels
  • Discovering Marriage Allowance entitlements and claiming online
  • Viewing tax credits payments and reporting changes in circumstances

If you’re interested in using these new digital Persona Tax Account services you will need to set up your own Government Gateway account first. To do this you will need:

  • Your National Insurance number
  • A recent payslip, P60 or passport
  • A telephone number to receive your one-time security code, and
  • A bank account to notify HMRC for any tax repayments

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