Entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the UK according to new report from Weebly

Despite the threat of a potential Brexit from the European Union, and fears of new global recession following stock market uncertainties in Asia, the entrepreneurial spirit is still thriving in the UK and confidence in the economy is high. That’s the view of web hosting service, Weebly, and that’s a view we share as accountants.

According to its latest survey, 90 per cent of respondents not only believe Britain is the ideal place to set in business: 80 per cent are also supremely confident that the future holds no fears for entrepreneurs and feel optimistic about their business’ prospects over the next 5 years.

The study also found that 45 per cent of the UK’s new entrepreneurial community were women, and that 37 per cent of the business people surveyed were fortunate to have turned their hobbies into thriving businesses. The younger generation of entrepreneurs is also well represented with 11 per cent of 13 to 17 year-olds claiming to have launched a hobby or business site in the UK.

The survey also debunked the myth that the internet has killed off physical businesses: its findings show that there is a 50/50 split between entrepreneurs running digital-only businesses and online- offline hybrid businesses.

Speaking about the survey, Dion McKenzie, country manager of Weebly UK said:

“This study is clearly showing how the UK entrepreneurs are fully taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital economy to build their businesses.”

“Now there is a record 5.2 million small businesses in the UK, making a massive contribution to the country’s economic output, and intuitive and user-friendly technologies will only further boost the growth of the UK entrepreneurial community, paving the way for a new UK economy,” he added.

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