Steven Glicher and Co Accountants are in the ‘red’

Here’s a question for you: are accountants ever allowed to be in the red? The answer, you’ll be pleased to know, is only if they’re doing it in aid of charity. Well, this March Steven Glicher will be taking part in this year’s Colour Run and painting the town red. If you’re wondering why, the answer is also simple. Steven will be doing it to raise much-needed funds for one of the region’s most worthy charities – St Anne’s Hospice.

The St Anne’s Hospice Colour Run takes place on Sunday, March 20th at Wythenshawe Park. Each competitor will attempt to run or walk the 5km sponsored event whilst being showered with multi- coloured powder paint. If you’re worried about the health and well-being of those taking part, then don’t be: the paint is made from safe, environmentally friendly corn starch. The only thing that might suffer any lasting damage is the clothing the competitors are wearing.

Why is Steven subjecting himself to such colourful indignities? Well, it’s simply because he believes St Anne’s Hospice is an exceptional charity which provides vital care and support for those with life- threatening illnesses. As soon as he heard about the event and began to appreciate the extent of the work the charity does for the local community, Steven just knew he had to show his support.

If you would like to take part in the event itself, then you can register your interest here ( If you like to sponsor Steven, then please visit his Just Giving Page (

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